Romana Matanovac Vuckovic

Full Professor, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law | Intellectual Property Specialist

Romana Matanovac Vučković is a Full Professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, with a specialization in intellectual property. With a career spanning 25 years, she has seamlessly blended teaching, scientific research, and various leadership roles within the intellectual property sector.

Professional Highlights:

– Head of the Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Specialist Study of Intellectual Property for a decade.

– Former Deputy Director General of the State Intellectual Property Office.

– President of the Council of Experts for Copyright.

– President of the Boards of Appeal for patents and trademarks.

– Special advisor to the Minister of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

International Impact:

Romana has played a pivotal role in international projects as an IP and technology transfer expert, collaborating on technical assistance initiatives funded by the European Commission, WIPO, and the World Bank. Her contributions include drafting IP laws, formulating strategic plans, and providing expertise in diverse global, regional and specific national contexts.

Academic Achievements:

– Author of over 70 scientific titles in prestigious publications.

– Editor of books and scientific journals.

– Regular presenter of scientific papers at international conferences.

Cultural Leadership:

In addition to her contributions to intellectual property, Romana holds the distinction of being the first woman to act as the president of the Croatian Music Institute, a venerable institution with nearly 200 years of history.


In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Romana was honored as “A Woman of the Year” in Croatia in 2021.